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Are We Having Fun Yet??

Big swings happening in the stock market. This is the way it’s going to be with big moves up and down. Best thing to do is get to the sidelines if your not already, or start shorting one of the indexes.  The really big one is still to come (astrologically speaking) somewhere around the 18th of October. The big number to watch 10,600 as this seems to be the bounce level (resistance point).  If the DOW closes in the weeks to come below this number — watchout!

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Astrologically Speaking: The Way We Interpret Our World

Astrologically Speaking goes deep, examining the various ways we try to interpret our world. Topics covered, Karma, DNA, NFL Handicapping, Race Horses and Astrology. Listen here: Astrologically Speaking; The Way we Interpret Our World

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Update of the Stock Market

The bounce that just happened in the Stock Market was just about 75% of the drop that happen at the end of last week. D.W. Gann always used this formula to figure out the major ups and downs, and it still amazing to see how well it still works.

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You and Vocations — Astrologically Speaking

In this show, Paul Ashlin talks about you and your calling in life, and how astrology can uncover what you’re meant to do in life.

Show 4: Astrologically Speaking — Vocations


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Stock Market Update

I know most of you don’t care about the stock market, but you should as it’s the seed of all that happen in our economy. If companies get nervous, they don’t expand, which means they don’t hire people. The relationship between the two takes awhile to be felt, but it is there. Today, companies have been amassing lots, and lots of cash and are not using it, which is why things aren’t getting better economical. This latest shock from the stock market is going to have ripples that will be felt into next year. When will we recover? I’ll be answering that question in future with posts from an Astrological point view — stay tuned. . .

Market go sideways today — it’s only a rest before the next big downturn. Look for a bump next week, but this only temporary as the markets are going into a downtrend for the next few weeks. After the 3rd week in October — that could be when things change.

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Special Edition of Astrologically Speaking: The State of the Stock Market 2011

The stock markets, as I write this, are in a downturn. I’ve being talking about this all summer on my webcasts posted on my website The window we are in is very turbulent, as they have been since July 27, 2011, and only going to get worse. I originally spotted Oct 18, 2011 as the BIG drop, but as I pointed out on my videos, anytime from July 27, 2011 through December 2011, is going to be a crazy time in the stock market. In this special edition on Astrologically Speaking, I talk about the factor that has brought this about, and what you might want to do about it. An important show!

The Podcast — Astrologically Speaking: Special Edition

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Astrologically Speaking: Sun Signs

In this show, Paul Ashlin looks at Sun Signs and why many people don’t identify with their personal Sun Sign. Using his chart as an example, he examines why we are such complex beings, and why we are so much more then our Sun Signs.

Show 2: Sun Signs

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