New NFL Handicapping Using Sports Astrology

15 Nov

Updated 11/21

For those of you who followed my picks last year, I was able to pick 71% of games correctly using “sports astrology”. It’s a process that looks at any given game and breaks down the victor by what’s happening in the 1st and 7th house. From there, you look at who is controlling the major planets in play in those houses. Since last year, I have been trying to refine the process, making it even more accurate. So here goes my new and improved method for week 11 in the NFL:

It appear my improved method is a disaster. I stated that the half a point gets you, and in this case it affected many games. The method I’ve come up with is great at picking blowouts, but the tight games (game I wouldn’t be betting on) it needs more refinement. My stance, what good is a system if you can’t pick all the games with certain amount of accuracy. What it really comes down to, Astrologically Speaking, is Uranus. Uranus, I believe rules this life as it is about the unexpected, random, the windfall (good fortune, or bad). So my quest is to get a handle on Uranus as I believe this is the key. In football, its about turnovers and turnovers are Uranus’ department.  

Thursday Night

Miami @ Buffalo — The point spread on this game is 1 point. Looking at the stars, Miami is going to go into Buffalo and come away with a win. With the point spread so tight, take Miami and give the point — Miami – 1

Taking in water on the first game — not good Buffalo won by 5


San Diego @ Denver — These two teams seem to be going in different directions, and if San Diego is going to make the post season they HAVE to win this game; otherwise, their season is pretty much over. The stars tell me this is going to be a blowout! Even with Denver give 7.5 points, it won’t matter — Denver -7.5

The only blowout that didn’t work as the half point bit me — Denver won by 7

Arizona @ Atlanta — Atlanta finally lost a game last week and Arizona seems to be stuck as one of those middle teams. The point spread here is very large for a NFL game, but it won’t matter — Atlanta -9.5

5 Ryan interceptions. It’s amazing Atlanta won by 4 — I’m already down 0-3

Tampa Bay @ Carolina — Tampa Bay seems to be heading the right direction, and Carolina got spanked by Denver last week. Look for the wounds to heal and Carolina to bounce back. You’re getting a 1.5, which most times it’s that half point makes a difference — Carolina +1.5

Tampa bay won by 6 (0-4)

Cleveland @ Dallas — With the way Dallas has been playing, I can’t believe they are give up 7.5 points in this game. Cleveland seems to be playing much better; they were going toe to toe with Baltimore when they caved in the 4th quarter. I can’t tell if Cleveland will win this game, it will be very close, but don’t be surprised if they do — Cleveland +7.5

Finally, and Cleveland almost did win — Dallas won by 3 (1-4)

Green Bay @ Detroit — Some teams seem to be their own worst enemies, and so it goes with Detroit. Detroit can be very explosive on offense, and they will need to be in this game. I don’t see any issue with that as Detroit takes on the mighty Packers — Detroit +3.5

An overtime TD got me on this one — Packers by 7 (1-5)

Jacksonville @ Houston — Do you think Tim Tebow is wishing he went to Jacksonville instead of New York? Anyway, Jacksonville is going into the Buzzsaw that is Houston. This is the biggest line of the week at 16 points. As I look at the stars, they tell me this is far too many points to give up as Jacksonville may not win, but they will cover — Jacksonville +16

What a high scoring game – Houston won by 6 (2-5)

Cincinnati @ Kansas City — KC really fought hard with Pittsburgh last week, before losing. They will return to their old way of playing — Cincinnati -3.5

This one was never in doubt — Cincinnati won by 22 (3-5) 

New Your Jets @ St Louis — Jeff Fisher has got these guys playing much better, but like Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland, they too often shoot themselves in the foot. But this week, they play a team that does the same thing — St Louis -3

I did not expect this one — Jets won by 14 (3-6)

Philadelphia @ Washington — Mike Vick maybe out for this game and from what I can see, this is a good thing. Philly is also getting the points in this game, and that too, is a good thing — Philly +3.5

Here, this game had Uranus written all over it! Washington won by 25 (3-7)

Indy @ New England — Things in Indy have turned around very quickly with the addition of Andrew Luck. But they are going to learn exactly how far they need to go to be at the next level in the NFL. This looks like. from the records, a Playoff preview, but as the point spread suggest, 9.5 points, it’s not. Look for Indy to take a beating on this one — New England -9.5

This I did see very clearly — New England won by a lot! (4-7)

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh — Brian Leftwich’s slow release is going to be a very big problem here. Baltimore’s D will be chasing, sacking and causing turnovers, and so Pittsburgh really doesn’t have a chance — Baltimore -3.5

Half a point comes into play here — Baltimore won by 3 (4-8)

Monday Night

Chicago @ San Francisco —  In my opinion, Chicago give 5 points is way too many in a game like this, but the stars tell me, it’s not enough — Chicago -5

SF has a new QB — San Francisco won by 25 (4-9)

So there you have it. Let’s see how well this one unfolds.

4-9 is awful — this has to improve!

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