My Journey

My Relationship with Astrology in a Nutshell

Hi I’m Paul Ashlin, and I’m passionate about astrology. I have come to believe that Life is all about timing, and Astrology is the great timing tool available to us.I created this blog and more importantly my Podcast as an outlet for this passion, and a way to help educate others to the power of this art form.

When I was 13, I brought home a astrology book called “The Round Art” (the book was actually square) and as I perused through it they came to one difficult conclusion – I didn’t understand most of it – how could I, I was 13? But that didn’t stop me from pursuing astrology and trying to understand it better. The deeper I get, the more I’m amazed I am at astrology’s pure insight and power it can create in people’s lives. As I gained more knowledge about the astrology, the more insight I gained about myself. I did thing certain things I didn’t understand, but there they were explained in my chart. What is the saying “awareness is the key to understanding”. Not only did gain insight into my quirks, more important, it gave the keys to deal with them in a effective way.

It’s been a wonderful journey because of the contacts and connection that this profession has allowed me to cultivate. Come join this journey with me.  .  .. Paul Ashlin 


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