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Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP

Paul Ashlin looks at the connection between the CEO’s Natal Chart and the company’s fortune; in this case Meg Whitman and HP.

Listen Here: Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP


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Astrologically Speaking — The Ascendant

This the 12 show and Paul Ashlin take time to reflect on the last month. He also covers the place in the natal chart called the Ascendant and how it colors one’s personality.

Listen Here: The Ascendant




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Upcoming Schedule

Sacramento Astrologer Linda Kay will be on Fridays 10/14/11 show.

Misunderstood Planets will be the topic on Tuesday 10/18/11 show.

Taos Astrologer Rex Estell will be on will be on Wednesday 10/19/11 show.

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Not Covered in the News, or Facebook!

We have a revolution beginning, and the news isn’t covering it?? Oh well, Mars crosses the Ascendant this weekend adding fuel to the T-square of the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto. This is big stuff people! Rebellion, Transformations, the will to stand up to one’s enemys. Transformation that has long standing roots. If you want to get up to speed, go to and look for “Occupy Wall Street”, many cities are starting to join in. . .

It seems facebook is trying to block this event. . . .

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Are We Having Fun Yet??

Big swings happening in the stock market. This is the way it’s going to be with big moves up and down. Best thing to do is get to the sidelines if your not already, or start shorting one of the indexes.  The really big one is still to come (astrologically speaking) somewhere around the 18th of October. The big number to watch 10,600 as this seems to be the bounce level (resistance point).  If the DOW closes in the weeks to come below this number — watchout!

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Update of the Stock Market

The bounce that just happened in the Stock Market was just about 75% of the drop that happen at the end of last week. D.W. Gann always used this formula to figure out the major ups and downs, and it still amazing to see how well it still works.

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