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Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP

Paul Ashlin looks at the connection between the CEO’s Natal Chart and the company’s fortune; in this case Meg Whitman and HP.

Listen Here: Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP


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Update of Occupy Wall Street

Update on Occupy Wall Street: There is now a plan to take the money out the banks and put it into Credit Unions (why someone would ever have there money in a bank is beyond me?) This is very powerful move that will get the power structures attention — whoever came up with this idea is a genius, and they understands where our system is weak. Banks only keep 6 – 9% of their deposits (the money you put in them) in reserve. If you have money in a bank, I would consider getting it out before, the banks crumble. You should be in a credit union anyway!!!

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