Types of Charts

Solar Return:
Every year, the sun returns to the same position of your Birth Chart — this is very close to your birthday. This is called a solar return. A reading is done that forecasts the planets effects for the year ahead. This is very helpful to understanding what kind of activities or opportunities that are good for the year ahead; is it a good time to get married, start a business, change jobs, etc?. . .. It also revels if there is some negative aspects at play that might be waiting get you.

Lunar Return

A Lunar Return, is the same as the solar return, but the Moon is returning to the same spot in the birth chart, which happens monthly.
It is what is in effect for the next month (28 days), and it is a great guide on how to handle issues on a short term basis. (This very helpful for investments)

Vocations: What were you designed to do?

A Vocation readings looks at your assets in the generation of money, as well as your gifts of what makes one vocation more suited for you than another. This is a very insightful reading.


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