Get A Reading

An Astrology is a Powerful Timing Tool!


  • * Life is about windows of opportunity.
  • * You need the keys (insights) to help take advantage of those opportunities.
  • * Major aspects (astrologically speaking) happen all the time — Are you working with the energy, or against the energy?
  • * What are the unforeseen forces at work that you should be aware of?
  • * Astrology Readings are delivered by Live Interactive Video over the internet (you can be anywhere in the world). There’s is no software to download or webcam need on the users end. You connect via URL give to you for your private reading.
  • Readings can also be delivered in any of the following combinations; DVD, video, audio recording, email, over the phone, or one on one.
  • Birth-charts (Natal Charts) $65.00
  • Solar Returns (What is in effect for the year ahead) $65.00
  • Lunar Returns (What is in effect for the next month) $40.00
  • Vocation (The work you are meant to do) $35.00


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